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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: When will I find out if I got on a Wilderness trip?

    A: We will notify you on June 16. At this time, if accepted, you will receive a supplemental information form to choose the type of trip you want as well as to help us get to know you a little. You will also receive more information about financial assistance. The deadline to return the information form and payment will be included in the mailing.

    Q: How many people normally apply for Wilderness and how many are accepted?

    A: There will be 264 freshmen accepted to Wilderness Orientation. We typically receive more applications than we can accept, so the Tufts Connection website runs a lottery and creates a waitlist. As spots open up, people are accepted off the waitlist. This is not uncommon, so don’t lose hope if you’re waitlisted!

    Q: Is it possible to apply for multiple pre-orientations?

    A: No. However, if you are not chosen for your preferred program, you will be given the option to enroll in a different pre-orientation program that still has space or remain on the waiting list. Again, we strongly encourage you to remain on the waitlist if you are interested in TWO!

    Q: What is the TWO Schedule?  When do I need to arrive at Tufts?

    A: Freshmen check-In for Tufts Wilderness Orientation 2014 is by noon on August 21st. Trips are 5 days and 4 nights long, so participants will return August 26th. For more detailed answers, feel free to drop us an email or check out the schedule.

    Q: If I don’t have the right equipment, how do I get it?

    A: You can rent almost anything you need at REI or EMS. Be sure to call and rent your equipment before coming to Boston.  The phone number for REI is (781) 944-5103 and for EMS is (617) 254-4250. We can drive you to either EMS or REI to pick up your rental gear once you arrive. When making reservations, pay close attention to which store you are calling. If you are renting through REI, make sure you rent from their location in Reading, MA. If you are renting through EMS, make sure you rent from their location on Commonwealth Ave. You can also make purchases from both stores through their websites. We also have a limited amount of gear for lend, which you may request on your supplemental application.

    Q: How much does it cost to go on a trip?

    A: All TWO trips (and pre-orienation trips in general) cost $400. Financial assistance is available, and will be awarded based on your Tufts financial aid package. This award in no way affects your overall University financial package. See the Financial Aid section for more information.

    Q: How do I pay?

    A: Payment is done online through the OCL website. You will receive more specific instructions in your acceptance packet.

    Q: Are your leaders trained?

    A: YES. All of our staff submitted a written application, went through an interview process, and were selected based on their competence, confidence, experience, and personality.  In addition, they all go through a 5-day, 4-night training course in August and every one of them is CPR and Wilderness First Aid certified. Many of the leaders have certifications beyond these, such Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or EMT certifications. In addition, many of them have led Tufts Wilderness Orientation trips before and/or similar trips with other groups.

    Q: I’m a vegetarian.  Can I still go on a trip?

    A: Yes! Meat doesn’t pack well and it is very expensive, so all of our freshmen will be vegetarians on their trips. But don’t worry meat lovers! There is a post-trip celebratory carnivorous barbecue.

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