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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I need to make travel arrangements. When will I find out if I got on a Wilderness trip?

    A: We will notify you in mid-June. At this time, if accepted, you will receive a supplemental information form to choose the type of trip you want as well as to help us get to know you a little. You will also receive more information about financial assistance. The deadline to return the information form and payment will be included in your acceptance email.

    Q: How many people normally apply for Wilderness and how many are accepted?

    A: There will be 264 incoming students accepted to Wilderness Orientation. We typically receive more applications than we can accept, so the Tufts Connection website runs a lottery and creates a waitlist. As spots open up, people are accepted off the waitlist. This is not uncommon, so don’t lose hope if you’re waitlisted!

    Q: I am an incoming transfer student. Can I participate in TWO? 

    A: Absolutely! All Pre-Orientation programs are open to all incoming students, including transfers.

    Q: Is it possible to apply for multiple pre-orientations?

    A: No. However, if you are not chosen for your preferred program, you will be given the option to enroll in a different pre-orientation program that still has space or remain on the waiting list. Again, we strongly encourage you to remain on the waitlist if you are interested in TWO!

    Q: Can I be assigned to a program and be on a waiting list for another program? 

    A: No. Once decisions go out you have three choices: to remain in the program you have been assigned, to be on a waiting list for a program, or to reject your program assignment and not choose to remain on a waiting list.

    Q: Can I be on a waiting list for a specific program, and then eventually if I do not get off the waiting list, decide to go into another program? 

    Yes. You can do this as long as there is still space in the program you wan to move into.

    Q: What is the TWO Schedule?  When do I need to arrive at Tufts?

    A: Incoming student check-In for Tufts Wilderness Orientation 2014 is by noon on August 27th. Trips are 5 days and 4 nights long, so participants will return September 1st. For more detailed answers, feel free to drop us an email or check out the schedule.

    Q: Can I arrive a day early, and do you have a place for me to stay that evening? 

    If you need to arrive a day early, we will connect you with local hotels that often house students coming for pre-orientation. Members of our Support Staff will pick you up from the airport/train station and bring you your hotel, and bring you from your hotel to campus the next day. Email us for more info about this.

    Q: Can I move into my dorm room when I arrive on August 27th for TWO?

    A: No. You’ll have a short amount of time to drop off your belongings in your room, but you’ll unpack once the trips return. If you don’t want to bring all your stuff when you arrive for pre-orientation, your parents/family can bring it on September 2nd, the first day of Orientation.

    Q: If I don’t have the right equipment, how do I get it?

    A: TWO has two gear programs: Gear Lending and Gear Rental. Gear Lending uses TWO’s own supply of gear.  We unfortunately do not have enough to outfit everyone who requests gear, so only participants with significant Tufts financial assistance will receive our items to lend.  Please contact us if you did not indicate you would like to apply for Gear Lending.

    Gear Rental, on the other hand, is through Pack Out Gear, a gear rental company based in Boston. They rent backpacks, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags.  All gear will be delivered to Tufts campus on Arrival Day.
    *(TWO 2015 plans to work with Pack Out Gear again and will update this page when more details become available)


    Q: How much does it cost to go on a trip?

    A: All TWO trips (and pre-orientation trips in general) cost $400. Financial assistance is available, and will be awarded based on your Tufts financial aid package. This award in no way affects your overall University financial package. When you receive your acceptance to TWO, you will receive information on how much you owe and a link to pay online. See the Financial Assistance section for more information.

    Q: How do I pay?

    A: Payment is done online through Tufts Connections. Click on “Orientation/Pre-Orientation” in the heading of the page. Select “Pre-Orientation Application Status. Click on the link that says “Click here to confirm and pay.” Enter your payment information as required to complete the transaction. If the Office for Campus Life indicates payment should be done a different way, please follow those instructions.

    Q: Are your leaders trained?

    A: YES. All of our staff submitted a written application, went through an interview process, and were selected based on their competence, confidence, experience, and personality.  Along with several smaller trainings in the spring, they all go through a 5-day, 4-night training course in August and every one of them is CPR and Wilderness First Aid certified. Many of the leaders have certifications beyond these, such Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or EMT certifications. In addition, many of them have led Tufts Wilderness Orientation trips before and/or similar trips with other groups.

    Q: I’m a vegetarian.  Can I still go on a trip?

    A: Yes! Meat doesn’t pack well and it is very expensive, so all students will be vegetarians on their trips. But don’t worry meat lovers! There is a post-trip celebratory carnivorous barbecue.

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