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    Jake Lazarus

    “You know that feeling when you finish a box of cereal and finally get that toy at the bottom?

    Jake has never had that feeling. Why? Because he’s a winner, and winners just rip the box open and take what’s theirs.

    He’s also really hungry now. Why? Because the cereal is all over the floor. “


    Pooja Beri

    This is Pooja Beri (PoojaBeriPoojaBeriPoojaBeri). She’s a weird Dubai-India hybrid with a British accent and a fruit phobia. Currently majoring in International Relations and trying to minor in English! She plays rugby, is a Tisch Scholar and cannot wait to meet her froshies!


    Ben Helm

    Ben is from Contoocook, NH and studies Mechanical Engineering at Tufts. He enjoys casks, burrowing, yellow, and the occasional shoehorn.  He is best known for handing out complimentary pails full of SAE 5W-30 motor oil in the bathrooms of various academic buildings as a fundraiser for National Seaweed Awareness Week.  It is his custom to have a healthy supply of fleece mittens coated in turtlewax in his backpack in case he needs to use his cell phone.  He only sleeps when within a 5 mile radius of a cork factory, and never leaves home without a pocketful of good crushed ice.  Ask him what barnacling is.


    Elissa Bowling

    Elissa is a rising junior from Lexington, Massachusetts (birthplace of these United States). She’s double majoring in International Relations with a concentration in the US in World Affairs and History with a concentration in American History (starting to see a trend?) Elissa also loves traveling (twist!), especially to Greece where she is spending 4 weeks this summer learning the language, seeing the sights, hiking some gorges, and chilling on the beach. At Tufts, Elissa enjoys trumpeting, playing soccer and basketball, dancing, learning new things, and meeting new people. Oh yeah, and she can’t wait to be a Wilderness Leader!


    Liz Webber-Bruya

    Liz is a rising junior majoring in Geology. She hails from Seattle, and loves running in the rain and exploring rocky beaches. One day she plans on skiing across the arctic. At Tufts, she plays in Tufts Symphony Orchestra, and is a mechanic for TuftsBikes.


    Jon Kwon

    Ever since his dumpling-shaped days as a baby, J Kweezy has loved everything life has had to offer him. Raised in Warren, NJ, John is an Economics Major as well as an Entrepreneurial Leadership Minor. He is a member of the Beelzebubs, Tufts’ oldest all-male a cappella group as well as a brother in Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Ice cream is his love. Followed closely by running. Coffee sits comfortably in third.


    Hannah Bassett

    Hannah Bassett hails from the rural hamlet of Canterbury, New Hampshire, where the is just one store but many an apple tree. Although now she is a socially adjusted rising senior studying International Relations, Hannah once wore soccer shorts for 365 days in a row (really quite stupid in those New England winters, you know) and occasionally rode her horse to school. She only kind of wishes that she were kidding. She is spending the spring semester studying abroad in Madagascar where she is practicing her French, learning about struggling democracy, and playing with lemurs.


    Joel Berdie

    Born in the jungles of Golden, Colorado, Joel (also known as Broel) has ventured out to the east coast utopia of Tufts and is now studying psychology and media studies at the university. A member of Tufts’ varsity men’s lacrosse team, a DJ on the school’s freeform radio station, and a avid TDC and Burlesque dancer, Joel likes a lil bit of everything. He likes fun, dancing, smiling, some more fun, playing outside, laughing,  and food.


    Polly Murray

    Polly is a rising senior majoring in Civil Engineering. She grew up in Cohasset, MA and will spend this summer interning at a structural engineering firm in Boston. She loves steel, concrete, and things made out of steel and concrete. Her calendar is called “Bridges 2013″. Other loves include: baby animals (especially dogs), fleece pants, knitting hats, TDC, cinnamon bread in dewick, naps in hammocks, shear and moment diagrams, sailing, biking, and climbing rocks. She is a vegetarian who is learning to cook and really hates chocolate. It’s not that weird.


    Leif Inouye

    Leif is a junior from Lexington, Massachusetts majoring in Biology at Tufts. More specifically, his nterests lie in Marine biology! He loves to bike, climb, and hike, and play music.  Two truths and a lie: he used to wear a dress whenever he was at home from kindergarten to the 3rd grade, he called it his “house-dress”. When he lived in New Zealand he used to ride whales with his family. He has been on the moon on one of those galactic tour rockets.


    Emily Carlin

    Emily Carlin is a senior hailing from colorful Colorado (Boulder, to be precise). At Tufts, she is majoring in Cognitive and Brain Science. You can usually find her walking around, drinking coffee, or winning games of pool.


    Glen Zinck

    Glen Zinck is a Junior from Bothell, Washington majoring in Biology with a minor in chicken forensics. Until age 6, Glen spent most of his time working as the founder and CEO (Chief ExZecutive Officer) of his own juice company (Tropicana) and playing golf on Sundays with President Clinton. Upon his 6th birthday, he gave up the high life for school; deciding it was time to learn the basics: reading and writing. Unfortunately, Glen relapsed into the spotlight after being caught in an awkward exchange that came to be known as the “he thinks Oprah is waving at him but she was really just trying to hail a cab” fiasco. Since then, Glen has secluded himself into the mountains and lives as a hermit with a beard that is said to rival that of Dumbledore’s at age 104. He now attends Tufts and hopes to one day synthesize facial and arm tissue creating elbow beards for everybody.


    Aliza Small

    Aliza hails from the hug-oriented midwestern region of Deerfield, IL. She is fluent in English and thinks filmmaking is neat, so she figured they would make decent choices of major and minor, respectively. Though usually found writing or performing sketch comedy with Major:Undecided and The Institute, Aliza has been known to dabble in the arts of TDC, theater productions, being a Chi Omega, and loitering at the Rez. She is a fan of sunsets and the slow loris.


    Alex Flores

    “Hey,” said Alex.
    “Sup?” said the three-toed sloth.
    “Not much. Chillin. You?”
    “Just hanging.”
    “Is that supposed to be funny?”
    The three-toed sloth slowly nodded. Or just moved. It’s honestly hard to tell.

    Sometimes he feesl life is like that. Ambiguous. But it’s the little ambiguities that make it all go round, you know? Alex studies philosophy and is from California. He loves to play music and skate. He does a killer Bubbles impression (from TPB) and also Jar Jar Binks. Let’s chill. Or hang. Or something. He doesn’t know. It’s all kind of ambiguous what we’re doing, anyway. ALSO: HE LOVES CHOCOLATE.


    Emily Nixon

    Emily comes from the exotic land of Medford, Massachusetts. She is a junior majoring in Anthropology and Economics who loves cooking and truly believes in the healing powers of a good cheese plate.


    Will Ross

    Will is double majoring in Environmental Studies and Philosophy.  He grew up in the great white north (Winnipeg, MB) but now lives in Pasadena, CA.  When asked in a recent job interview what he ‘loved’?  He said “Water.  Water is awesome.  You can drink it.  You can pour it on yourself.  You can row on it.  You can canoe on it.  When it freezes you can ski and climb on it.  Its just that cool!”  And, best of all, because humans are made up of more than 50% water its guaranteed that Will loves you too!


    Jonathan Steinberg

    Currently abroad in España, Jonathan Steinberg is a Senior from Teaneck, New Jersey. He is double majoring in Political Science and Spanish and minoring in Drama. As a child star, he played the role of Angelina Jolie’s younger brother and starred in a Plan B commercial. His other acting credits include a child serial killer on “Criminal Minds” and a house husband on “Desperate Housewives.” Now having given up his career in acting, he focuses part of his time on his cooking show, “Paula Deen and the New Healthy Way to Live” in addition to teaching pole-dancing exercise classes to elderly women, training for the national speed walking championship, and recording his next studio album “Beyonce, Britney, & Swift.” At Tufts, Jonathan continues to explore life to its fullest, spending his days and nights in Tisch and waiting for the sun to return so he can work on his tan.


    Julia Ouimet

    Julia is a senior majoring in Biology. She comes from the wee town of Millbrook, New York, where she spent time working at a bookstore and  practicing being an old woman. At Tufts, when she isn’t napping in the library she can be found consuming copious amounts of cheese or jaunting through the outdoors. She also works making costumes at the Tufts Costume Shop (which really does exist) and is as the current President of the Tufts Mountain Club.


    Sarah Long

    Sarah is a rising senior studying architecture and art history. She was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania i.e. Amish Paradise. Ask her about her Rumspringa. She likes maps, mountains, nutella, and green things.


    Nate Matthews

    Nate Matthews is a Seattleite. Unfortunately this does not mean he orbits the earth or hangs from cave ceilings (although they are both activities on his bucket list), but instead it means that he is from Seattle not-as-bad-weather-as-you-think Washington. Nate sings in choir, does lots of activisty-stuff, is an Econ major, solves Rubik’s Cubes, occasionally dumpster-dives, enjoys programming, had a big dubstep phase, and makes 4″ tall sandcastles with his dad when he goes home.


    Gavin Murphy

    Gavin grew up in Manitou Springs, CO in the shadow of Pikes Peak. He did his freshmen year at University of Colorado at Boulder before transferring to Tufts as a sophomore. Gavin studies Mechanical Engineering and is PreLaw, interns for a law firm in Boston, and plays for the Tufts Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team.


    Jenny Smith

    Jenny Smith is a junior majoring in English and is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen. She is from Chicago, home of the strongest wind and greatest lake in the Midwest. She enjoys sun-bathing on the prez lawn, dancing, and eating chocolate and Danish pastries.


    Anna Graham

    Anna Graham hails from the southern fried state of Mississippi. She is studying archaeology at Tufts and when she isn’t pondering the meaning of an arrangement of stones, she enjoys hiking, bbq sauce, and owning a locker at Tisch.


    Gabe Joseph

    Gabe Joseph is a junior studying computer science with two first names. (Not to be confused with with Gabe Jacobs.) He’s from San Francisco, and therefore eats raw cilantro and hopes to have a house with a ball pit filled entirely with avocados. He doesn’t have anything against doors, but prefers to be out of them, and spends most time leading trips to climb rocks/ice, kayak, peakbag, or intensely hammock. He also coordinates the Tufts Mountain Club’s technical skills programs. Be cautious letting him near your food with spices.


    Alex Earle

    Alex is from the far off land of Concord, MA, a long 15 minutes away from Tufts University. Although her family now lives on a farm in NH. She studies the fluffy majors of Child Development and Community Health and is a member of the women’s A team of Ultimate Frisbee! It’s a real sport- she sweats! Last year she spent 5 months abroad in India and Nepal, where her host mother was convinced she did not wash her underwear. And her favorite activity is eating. A lot.


    Sam Helrich

    Sam Helrich is a member of the class of 2015 hailing from Hopkinton, NH.  He spent the first 18 years of his life there, wandering around in the woods and jumping off of things into rivers.  He has since ventured to Tufts to study Biology and try to figure out how to snap his fingers.  He is a member of the crew team and likes spending quality time with his cat.


    Laura Washburn

    From the country town of Boerne, TX, Laura spends her time either studying Biochemistry, adventuring in the outdoors, or wrangling cats. Coffee roast of choice is dark and preferred Pokemon would be Gyarados.


    Dan Katz-Zeiger

    Dan Katz-Zeiger is a mild-mannered Jewish boy from Brookline, Massachusetts. He is majoring in American Studies with a focus on US education. Dan is a member of Cheap Sox, Tufts only improv comedy team and he enjoys sweaters, brunch and wearing a sweater while eating brunch.


    Ean Wong

    Ean hails from Wellsboro, a town “just outside of” Philadelphia.  He decided Electrical Engineering sounded pretty fun, so he is majoring in it.  Although he hasn’t bought a Groupon yet, he likes the idea of them (It’ll all change this summer…).  In his spare time he enjoys boxing, speaking broken German, and throwing snowballs.  He is a strange breed of Canadian and Slytherin.


    Samantha Lund

    Samantha is from St. Louis, which is NOT in the South, contrary to popular New England belief. At Tufts she is an international relations with a concentration in global health and community health double major and (recently discovered) an accidental German minor JA! She can be found wearing a neckie whilst skiing, dancing in pink crocs, combining 2 or more cereals together for a meal, or watching Lord of the Rings.


    Charlee Cora

    Charlee Corra is a senior majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies. She’s from Los Angeles, California! She enjoys any and all outdoor activities: scuba diving, rock/ice climbing, backpacking, tennis, softball, and long strolls along the beach among other things. She also loves cooking yummy vegan meals, playing guitar, and meditating. After graduating she plans on studying marine biology as well as becoming involved in outdoor education.


    Michael Grant

    Michael was raised in the lush verdure of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where his only regret was never seeing a real live buffalo. He loves all things outdoors, most importantly mushrooming, river-crossings, and sunset-hunting. He studies music and film at Tufts, sings with the Beelzebubs, and tries to cook curry at least once a month.


    Allison Greaney

    Allie hails from a little town you’ve never heard of in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She enjoys hip hop music, knitting, induced pluripotent stem cells, Nerf gun warfare, and playing in the dirt. When she’s not out breaking hearts, she can be found working in her biomedical engineering lab trying to fix them.


    Nathan Lingafelter (Fez)

    “There was a time when Fez wasn’t Fez.
    Before he had funny hair or a love of Pez
    This was way back in Ohio
    Eating sandwiches with bananas and mayo
    Now he’s here a Tufts learning Biochem
    And loves it, loves it, A.M. or P.M.
    Too many stories and great times to share
    Fez can’t wait to be your wilder – concierge”


    Katie Lowe

    Katie is a little obsessed with her home state of Colorado and her beautiful mountains. She loves being outside (backpacking, hiking, climbing, skiing, canyoneering, tree-climbing, puddle jumping, running, stargazing, cow tipping, etc). She is also prone to stopping mid-trail, pulling out her hand lens, and examining the rocks. It’s a geology major thing. At Tufts, she is the Trips Director of the mountain club, trains with the marathon team, and does research in the geology department.


    Youssef Bargach

    Youssef Bargach is a rising Junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He is currently living in Houston, Texas although he tends not to live in one place for too long! He is involved with several clubs on campus including Tufts Mixed Martial Arts and Tufts Mountain Club. When he first came to Boston Ihewas unaware of the fact that there is a difference between “boots” and cowboy boots. So, when a blizzard came along, you can bet that he saddled on my ranch boots and headed out for some fun in the snow. He made it exactly three steps down the staircase before hewiped out… lesson learned.


    Gabe Jacobs

    “Dexter: Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?
    Ed: Ever been to Australia?
    Dexter: No.
    Ed: Me neither.”

    Gabe is a rising junior majoring in Computer Science. He was born and raised in the heart of New York Cirty and always has a craving for those delicious bagels and pizza. His main hobbies include listening and writing about music, programming, and doing children’s theater (TRUNK!). Oh, and he also has worn greenman (an all green spandex suit) on halloween for the last 5 years straight! Talk about loyalty…


    Thea Mink

    Thea is a rising senior from Washington DC majoring in Biology.  She’s rushing off to the Serengeti right now, and will write more about her life laterz!


    Eloise Libre

    Eloise is a History Major/Music Minor hailing from Norwalk, CT. She loves things that are outside, artsy, and/or BOTH! She is a member of the Tufts Ski Team, orchestra, and Tufts Dance Collective, and she works as the Quest Program Director at Camp Hazen YMCA in Chester, CT. She likes museums, loud music, and The New York Times. She is a coffee addict, a vegetarian (mostly), and exclusively chews Orbit WinterMint gum.


    Jack Eidson

    Jack is a proud native of Sandy Springs, Georgia and will be a junior this fall. He is studying Economics and Environmental Studies and is involved on campus in TDC, the IGL, and various environmental groups. Jack will spend the fall semester abroad in Dakar, Senegal. He loves all things related to Atlanta sports, travelling, stirfry night at Carm, and most importantly, Tufts and TWO!


    Linzy Prudden

    Linzy Prudden is a Sociology major and a Math minor from Santa Barbara, CA. She loves making craftz, spending time outside, and going on adventures. On campus she is involved with TWO, Tufts Dance Collective, and Chi Omega Sorority. She would love to get to know you!


    Willy Kite

    Willy is from Cincinnati in the great state of Ohio. He is a rising junior yet is still undecided on his major. Some of his hobbies include going to summer camp whenever he has a few hours of spare time, attempting to help run the Tufts radio station, WMFO, doing things outdoors, and basing his fluctuating self esteem off of the number of likes that his instagrams get.


    Konrad Gessler

    Konrad is from North Salem, NY, or as it is not known, New York City. He studies international relations and will be a senior (wait actually?) this year. When he’s not studying, Konrad enjoys swimming, hiking, Krav Maga, backpacking, reading the news (yup), traveling, and meeting new freshman. He is currently studying Politikwissenschaft (or poly sci) abroad in Tübingen, Germany. Konrad is looking forward to leading another amazing trip for TWO!


    Sarah Solomon

    Sarah Solomon is a native Washingtonian… (the District not the State). She’s been a part of the TWO program since her freshman year and can’t wait to welcome the Class of 2017 to Tufts. As a rising Senior majoring in Geology, Sarah spends a lot of time outdoors– hiking, trailblazing, biking, estivating, and just generally looking for cool rocks. In her spare time, she performs with the Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk, a children’s theater troupe, and enjoys running, cooking and doodling. Her fondest memories of Tufts are those she’s made while working for TWO and she hopes to share new ones with you in August!


    Meg Wyllie

    Meg is a Geology and Environmental Science major. She grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine. She’s a pretty big fan of kale, volcanoes, anything aqua, and making nonsensical noises. If she could live under a rock like Patrick Star, she would. She loves you already times infinity and can’t wait for wilderness adventures to begin!


    Sam Rock

    Looking for a woman 21/older. I am a paddle-swingin’ rock-slingin’ song-singin’ voyageur daddy-o with a lot to offer a lady. Please, only contact if you are a pack-bearin’ canvas-wearin’ tough-to-scarin’ honey lookin’ to just dang well explore this whole g-dang country. Must be okay with body odors and eating a lot of flapjacks and trout! If you do not like either than do not contact please!


    Dave Taylor

    Dave Taylor will be a senior pursuing a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and a minor in Computer Science.  In his free time Dave can be found either playing Ultimate Frisbee, choreographing for Tufts Dance Collective, or just enjoying the outdoors.  He first fell in love with the wilderness on his pre-orientation trip to Lake Mooselookmeguntic, and he has been unable to stay away.  Dave is very excited to welcome in the class of 2017 and make their experience at Tufts the best it can be.  Also, he has red hair.


    Hayley Ernyey

    Hayley Ernyey, not your average homo sapien, was born and raised in the great sands of the deserts as a global nomad. She enjoys unicorn wrangling, burping with style, fishing from a glow-in-the-dark canoe and studying. Her current interests lie in realm of international relations with an injection of pre-med. Determined to be of average height when measured by the alleged Mary Poppins.


    Madeleine Carey

    Madeleine is from the Southern Wilds of Albuquerque, NM where she learned to make the second best pecan pie in the state. At Tufts she is studying Biology and Urban Studies, and dedicates most of her free time to the pursuit of steeples and 6k PRs. Other then sitting still, her greatest fear in life is not getting to do everything, which is why she loves to meet new people (like you) and live vicariously through their experiences. Madeleine hates lemon deserts.


    Ian Cross

    Ian Cross is a rising junior here at Tufts, and hails from the geographical center of North America (North Dakota). When he’s not spending WAY too much time in the computer science labs, he likes rock climbing, biking, hiking, and doing pretty much anything outside. He is  5’11” and 3/4” tall. He has blond hair. His favorite color is turquoise. His favorite knot is the double fisherman. If he doesn’t get 9 hours of sleep, he needs a nap. His ideal temperature is 63 degrees and sunny.He frequently buy poptarts in bulk. Most importantly, he always goes with the flow.


    Kearney Coghlan

    Kearney (ker-nee) proper noun.
    A native of San Francisco, California, that can occasionally be found growing on the East Coast. Known for interest in studying America and has the tendency to confuse the Spanish words for “15″ and “50.” Trappers have discovered that leaving a climbing harness or a piece of cake is enough to entice this creature into overcoming her natural timidity, and she can be quite eccentric when in her natural habitat.


    Mitch Saeger

    Mitch Saeger hails from Hopkinton, MA and is studying Chemical and Biological Engineering. He is on the Tufts Climbing Team, likes to play outside, and is an avid hammocker. He specializes in surprise naps and the color orange. He is also really excited to meet you. Really. Excited.


    Hadley Green

    Hadley is a junior, majoring in International Relations with a focus in Africa, and minoring in Mass Media and Communications Studies. Hadley was named after a town in western Massachusetts, (although some say the town was named after her), but grew up in Andover, MA, about thirty minutes from Boston. Hadley loves Tufts almost as much as she loves her cat, Chuckles, but feels most at home on the ultimate Frisbee field, singing loudly on long car rides, or wearing backwards hats.


    Nick Harmon

    Nick Harmon is a mechanical engineer of the class of 2014 who plays club soccer and climbs rocks. Despite being born and raised in Maine, he manages to correctly pronounce words with the letter r in them. (most of the time). He enjoys snow shoveling, sunshine, swimming, and Shark Week, and can do Australian pushups. Nick was a member of support staff for TWO 2011, a leader for TWO 2012, and is super excited about TWO 2013.


    Jamie Wollum

    Jamie is a rising junior from the b-e-a-utiful sunshiney city of Denver, Colorado! She is majoring in Anthropology and hopes to minor in Communication and Media Studies. She spends most of her time dressing up in wacky costumes and performing plays for kids in Boston with Traveling Treasure Trunk, Tufts’ only children’s theatre troupe. In her spare time, Jamie likes to do a whole lotta things: take photographs, play music, wear her funky flowery hat, go exploring, and daydream about the wonderfulness of TWO!!


    Luke Abdow

    A rising senior from Amherst, Massachusetts, Luke spends his time eating, sleeping, increasing the contrast of his watch tan, romping, frolicking, and gamboling, in that order of importance. In his spare time, he studies American Studies and Community Health. None of this, of course, gets in the way of his excitement for TWO 2013!


    Hayley Welsh

    Hayley grew up in New York City and first began to really enjoy being outdoors while living on a farm in Vermont during her junior year of high school. At Tufts she is majoring in Environmental Studies and Biology, she is on the club alpine ski racing team, she is an Eco-Rep for the Office of the Sustainability, and she dances in TDC. Her favorite activities are scuba diving, dancing, and travelling.


    Pike Hughes

    Pike is a rising Senior hailing from Dana Point, California. He is an Economics and International Relations major who has taken a few jaunts into philosophy and computer science.  Extracurricularly, he plays club tennis and club water polo.  He’s also quite involved in the Tufts Mountain Club. He spends his summers leading canoeing trips for a summer camp in Northern Wisconsin. At Tufts, he tries to get out on the water as much as possible, whether canoeing, kayaking or otherwise.  Wilderness tripping has played an incredibly important role in his life and he is so excited to share that passion with you!


    Andrew Bennett

    Andrew hails from the rainy/amazing Eugene, Oregon and is a rising Junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Andrew enjoys rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, sweaters with elbow pads, backpacking, shenaniganing, and any type of bike racing or riding.


    Rose Mendelsohn

    Rose loves many things. Specifically, pickles and The Food Network and miniature things and high-waisted sweatpants and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and books and her short toe. She is majoring in American Studies and Political Science.

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