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    Adam Gotbaum

    Adam is a rising junior who hails from within the District of Columbia (shoutout to the diamond!). He spends his time singing with the Tufts Beelzebubs, being fratty with Alpha Epsilon Pi, and writing silly amounts of papers as a Political Science major. For him, life is like that rush of jumping into the ocean for the first time every summer… you just can’t wait to get out and do it again! 


    Aliza Small

    Aliza was last seen binge watching Orange Is The New Black on the shores of the mighty Pacific. Before that she was a rising senior studying English and Film at Tufts, a member of various comedy groups, a Chi O, and Queen Regent of the music library. Before that, she was a Chicago Suburbanite. Before that, she was a Chicago City-dweller. Before that, she was a fetus.

    “Be safe, take chances” — Her wise wilderkid from last year.


    Allie Greaney 

    Helloooo there! I’m from a little town you’ve probably never heard of in rural Pennsylvania where I pass most of my time playing outside. I enjoy good cheese, traveling, rap music, knitting, and Parks & Rec. I also need to have a jar of pickles within arms reach at all times. When I’m not out breaking hearts, I can be found in my lab trying to mend them with stem cells. Keen as a green bean to be your guide into the wilderness and the wonderful world of Tufts!


    Andrew Bennett



    Andrew Miller

    Hi! I’m a rising junior from Lancaster, PA interested in Math and Computer Science. I am a member of Tufts Mountain Club and love to climb, hike and run. I was a Jumpstart Team Leader last year, leading a team of my peers in a preschool classroom. Over the summer I will be an assistant teacher at the Open Center for Children. 


    Anna Kaplan



    Anne Elise Stratton 

    Anne Elise was grown up in Missouri corn fields, ’til she was ripe for the picking and shipped off to Boston. Now a full-fledged mountain child, she’s always planning next weekend’s outdoor adventure – to the Loj, to kooky Boston festivals, or to a food justice rally, who knows? On campus, she majors in Bio and the Food Systems track of Environmental Studies. This summer, she will be conducting an ethnobotanical research project while communing with the trees and the rivers of western Guatemala. She will surely miss speaking in Spanish when she returns, so you might tickle her fancy by breaking out your romance language skills on the trail!


    Artoun Festekjian

    Bane once told Artoun, you’ve merely adopted to the wilderness. I was born in it, molded by, I didn’t see the city until I was already a man.

    Well Bane is now dead, and Artoun is even more excited to be a leader and have fun! Outside of hiking and having fun outdoors, Artoun is involved with the theater community at Tufts and loves to perform. He is also a mime, which is fun!


    Becca Heisler

    Becca (sometimes referred to as Acceb) grew up in the pleasant town of Elmhurst, Illinois, and although she considers herself a loyal Bostonian after 2 years at Tufts, she remains fiercely loyal to her Chicago accent. Becca decided on a double major in Mathematics and Environmental Studies after falling in love with matrices and organic vegetables. At Tufts, she spends her time dancing in the rain, excessively photographing the fall foliage, singing in the shower, playing her oboe, and hanging around Hillel. Oh, and she loves to be outside. The best advice she’s ever given? “Always try again!”


    Brian Aronow

    Born in Lon Gisland, NY (Port Washington to be exact), Brian is a rising junior at Tufts and the New England Conservatory of Music. He is studying Cognitive & Brain Science and Music. He loves traveling, adventuring, playing & listening to music, and watching hockey. Brian can’t wait to lead his first TWO trip in the fall!


    Carrie Zimmerman

    Carrie Zimmerman is a rising senior (HOLLA!!) from Simsbury, Connecticut. She is currently writing to you from Chile where she has spent the semester studying traditional medicine of indigenous communities. She cant wait to meet/love you!!


    Colby Sameshima

    Colby comes from a far-away-land called Honolulu, HI, and can’t believe she has truly come to call Tufts her second home. She tends to frolic outside and discuss issues (studies Geology and American Studies), likes to dance hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, TDC, AND OF COURSE ON THE D-FLOOR, and she cannot WAIT to embrace her wilderbabiez. Other addictions: freestyle-rapping, dark chocolate, eating, rooftop stargazing and passing out in the nooks and crannies of Tisch Library.


    Danielle O’Farrell

    Danielle is from San Francisco, the land of fog, hills and yes, avocados too. She is a rising senior double majoring in Biology and Child Development and minoring in Dance.
    She enjoys going on adventures no matter how big or small as long as they contain a requisite number of giggles and smiles. At Tufts, she participates in various playing outside/dancing/teaching/hanging out with kids organizations—most notably she is in Tufts Mountain Club and is a Biology Head Tutor.
    In her knapsack she packs: lots of chocolate, sidewalk chalk, dinosaur fossils, books, a blankie, Thing One and Two, a knot good enough to outdo any shoe and a magic open air school bus.
    She cannot wait to meet all the incoming freshmen and learn about their favorite ice cream flavors and the things she does not yet know about them!
    Her dream in life—becoming a mermaid.


    Ean Wong



    Elena Michaels

    Elena is from Chicago, Illinois. At Tufts, she is a rising senior majoring in Biopsychology and Spanish. She loves cooking (but more importantly baking), eating every possible kind of cheese and skiing in a zebra-print onesie. However, the biggest love of her life would probably be the sweet nectar that is coffee (and maybe traveling).


    Elissa Bowling

    Elissa is from Lexington, MA, and as a direct result has seen the first battle of the Revolutionary War reenacted several times. At Tufts, Elissa is an International Relations and History double major and fills her free time with Club Soccer, playing trumpet, working at the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, playing pick-up basketball, being outside, and eating. She is currently studying abroad in Seville, Spain, practicing Spanish and eating a lot of bread. In a recent exciting development, Elissa also discovered her not-half-bad stone-skipping skills.


    Emily Quigley

    Quigs is from South Florida, studies international relations & computer science, and is excited about all of the following: hammocks, roofs, new band-aids, graham crackers, sunflowers, a fresh red bell pepper, jumping off things, spongebob, run-on sentences. One time she won an award for getting the most frogs out of the pool. She is scared of outer space so don’t try to talk to her about it unless you want her to run away. This summer she is looking forward to finding out whether she has a caffeine addiction and going on adventures!


    Emily Melick 

    Tashi Delek! Greetings from Boudhanath!
    Although I currently call the community surrounding this legendary stupa my home, and Tibetan language and Himalayan culture my areas of study, I grew up in Connecticut and am majoring in Biology and Philosophy at Tufts. I love to share recipes, big pots of coffee, life stories and really outrageous laughing fits with anyone and everyone. I always manage to buy my shoes too big, and I eat way too much greek yogurt in places often kind of inappropriate to be eating yogurt. I have fallen asleep under cubes in Tisch frequently enough that there is significant photo documentation, and I have a childhood love for art supplies and collecting pocket rocks that will never die. Although these snow-peaked, slumbering giants are pretty incredible, I cannot wait to get out into the glory of our very own White Mountains with all of you wonderful people so very soon!
    Jela Jalyong, and see you on the trails!


    Emily Nixon



    Erinn Geyer



    Ethan Wise 

    I like poetry.
    Here are some haiku for you–

    Can’t wait for August!
    Like Beyonce, Wilderness
    is the best ever!

    Now, in conclusion,
    here is a fun fact for you:
    I can talk to squirrels.


    Gabe Jacobs

    “You scream… I scream” said a little boy in the woods to a old wise man. The wise man looked back at the boy and stared into his soul. “We all scream… for ice cream.” said the wise man and he disappeared into the fog. Right then and there, the little boy knew his purpose. He looked deep inside himself and found the light. He would remain in the woods, finding and delivering ice cream to all those in need. No one has seen the boy since, but legend tells it, he’s been with us all along.

    Gabe Jacobs is a Computer Science Major. He enjoys playing pickup basketball and has recently discovered his love for yogurt.


    Gabe Joseph



    Gabrielle Galat

    Gab is from Andover, MA but she is spending the semester on a crazy trip around the world (in India, Argentina and South Africa to be exact). She’s double majoring in Community Health and Child Development and she loves riding her bike, drinking lots of coffee, and crashing for naps in the sunshine. She hopes to run the Boston Marathon next spring and she plans to take on the world by delivering babies after college. Ask her about Trunk, oatmeal or her sewing machine and she’ll never shut up.


    Glen Zinck

    Glen -Backwards that’s Nelg!- is a senior at Tufts majoring in Biology. He is fascinated by evolution and life both on earth and (perhaps?) elsewhere in the universe- (Go to Wikipedia and look up the Drake Equation!). He also is a member of an Indian dance group, Tufts Bhangra Team, as well as a former board member of the Tufts Mountain Club. Glen also teaches English as a second language to El Salvadorian immigrants in the local area and has spent the past 4 months in Panama! Never forget there’s beauty all around you- “Cherish the natural world, because you’re a part of it and you depend on it” Sir David Attenborough

    The mountains are calling and I must go!


    Hannah Recht

    Hannah is from the sunny land of Denver, Colorado. She likes outdoor adventures (go figure!), tea, dancing, Spanish and Brussels sprouts. She can’t wait to lead freshmen through the wilderness!


    Hadley Green 



    Hayley Ernyey



    Halyey Welsh

    Hayley is a rising senior from New York City. Her hobbies include hiking, scuba diving, sporcling and singing in the shower. She loves to travel, especially after studying abroad last fall. Most importantly she cannot wait to meet her wilderfreshmen in just a few months!


    Ian Cross

    Ian Cross is a rising senior here at Tufts, and hails from the geographical center of North America (North Dakota). When he’s not spending WAY too much time in the computer science labs, he likes rock climbing, biking, hiking, and doing pretty much anything outside. He is  5’11” and 3/4” tall. He has blond hair. His favorite color is chartreuse. His favorite knot is the full Windsor. If he doesn’t get 9 hours of sleep, he needs a nap. His ideal temperature is 73 degrees and sunny. If he had a nickel for everytime he had been likened to Brad Pitt, he would have approximately no nickels. If he had a nickel for everytime he likened himself to Brad Pitt, he would have at least 1000. Most importantly, he always goes with the flow.


    Jack Eidson

    Jack is a rising senior studying Economics and Environmental Studies. He hails from the paradise that is Sandy Springs, Georgia and is still adjusting to the concept of “snow.” He loves traveling, the Atlanta Braves, choreographing TDC, oatmeal raisin cookies, and most importantly Tufts and TWO!


    Jamie Wollum

    Jamie is a rising senior from the b-e-a-utiful sunshiney city of Denver, Colorado! She is majoring in Anthropology and spent her last semester studying abroad in the magical city of Cusco, Peru. She spends most of her time dressing up in wacky costumes (think Nose Monster, for example) and performing songs, skits, and plays for kids all around Boston with Traveling Treasure Trunk, Tufts’ only children’s theatre troupe. In her spare time, Jamie likes to do a whole lotta different things: take photos, eat sweet things, go explorin, dance, do arts n crafts, and daydream about the wonderfulness of TWO!!


    Joel Berdie

    Born in the jungles of Golden, Colorado, Joel (also known as Broel) has ventured out to the east coast utopia of Tufts and is now studying psychology and media studies at the university. He is returning as a avid second year leader and will soon develop a flawless canoe J-stroke. Joel brings his experience from being on ski patrol, Tufts varsity lacrosse, a DJ on Tufts’ freeform radio station, and a avid TDC and Burlesque dancer as unique attributes from his high school and college years. Joel always enjoys a virgin hot toddy, fun, dancing, smiling, some more fun, playing outside, laughing, and food.


    Josh Grelle



    Kirk Jackson



    Laura Hofmann 



    Laura Washburn 

    Laura is from the lone star state of Texas and has come to the great north to study biochemistry at Tufts. She enjoys eating pomegranate, snuggling with cats, and wandering around in the outdoors.


    Layne Keating 

    Layne will respond to a plethora of nicknames including, but not limited to, “drainpipes”. She is a senior majoring in Biochemistry and Community Health and happens to hail from the great “Live Free or Die” state. When she is not complaining about writing lab reports, Layne is a 2nd year board member of Tufts Mountain Club, a member of the women’s rugby team, and a proud TDC choreographer. This does not, however, mean she can dance with any resemblance of talent. She is oh so excited for TWO to begin and to meet some wonderful incoming freshmen!


    Leif Inouye 



    Liz Webber-Bruya

    Liz is a rising senior from Seattle majoring in geology. She just returned from a semester in New Zealand, where she spent most of her time in the hills counting sheep and examining rocks. At Tufts, she leads trips for Tufts Mountain Club, plays violin in the orchestra, and runs with the marathon team. She can’t wait to meet the class of 2018!


    Mac Johnson

    Mac is a rising junior from Short Hills, NJ majoring in International Relations. Aside from being your favorite worker at Bon Me food trucks, Mac is involved in Tufts Mountain Club, Tufts Dance Collective, and Club Tennis. Whenever he has free time, Mac loves getting outside, listening to some Lana, and/or eating. If Mac were a 90s nickelodeon character, he would be a fusion of Sam “the squid” Dullard from Rocket Power and Dog from CatDog.


    Mary ‘Midge’ Cross

    Midge left the boondocks of Minnesota to major in Environmental Science and Philosophy at Tufts, with a minor in playing drums on trash. She likes ukuleles, climbing, Cosmos, the “drop”, Atmosphere, wool socks, altoids, freestyle rapping, and people in general. Oh, and its pop, not soda.


    Matt Long

    Matt is a rising junior who hails from the glorious land of Ramsey, New Jersey and studies computer science at Tufts. On the rare occasion he finds himself outside Halligan Hall, Matt enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, drumming with Tufts BEATs (don’t let him near a bucket unless you want to hear some saucy rhythms), and eating ungodly amounts of the General Gao’s chicken served in Dewick. But, like, actually – legitimately ungodly amounts. If you want a new best friend on campus, bring him some General Gao’s chicken. Actually. It’s so good. You’ll find out when you get here. Well, unless you give it all to Matt. Which you should.


    Matt Ryan

    Matt James Ryan (#threefirstnames) hails from not-always-sunny Monterey, CA and is studying Biochemistry as a senior at Tufts! When he’s not surfing or skateboarding like a true Californian (which is never but he still aspires to be able to do both someday), he can be found running around campus between the chemistry lab, Timmy Global Health meetings, Tufts Dance Collective choreographing and hiking and kayaking trips with Tufts Mountain Club with a big mug (or TWO) of coffee in his hands. He also loves chocolate (all kinds) and hugs (all kinds).


    Meg Wyllie 

    Meg was birthed on a foggy pine covered island along the coast of Maine. She is currently a senior studying Geological Science. She enjoys marine invertebrates, maps, living out of her car, her pet mammoth, and breathing fire.


    Melanie Goldberg

    Howdy! Mel is a rising junior at Tufts majoring in International Relations and Political Science and minoring in Grilled Cheese. When she’s not hiking in the White Mountains, she spends her time in Boston working at Georgetown Cupcake. In addition to living in the Green House, Mel is involved in sustainability groups like Real Food Challenge. She’s also proud to be the worst skier on Tufts Ski Team. She can’t wait to share her love and expertise of Grilled Cheese with the class of 2018!


    Mitch Saeger

    Mitch is a rising senior studying Chemical and Biological Engineering at Tufts. He is a second year leader, is in the Tufts Mountain Club, and spends most of his spare time climbing. He has small feet. If he could have dinner with three people, they would be Jesus Christ, Dave Matthews, and Ron Burgundy. And the people that invented chocolate chip cookies and backrubs.


    Nate Matthews

    Nate Matthews is a Seattleite. Unfortunately this does not mean he orbits the earth or hangs from cave ceilings (although they are both activities on his bucket list), but instead it means that he is from Seattle not-as-bad-weather-as-you-think Washington. Nate sings in choir, does consent activism, is an Econ major, solves Rubik’s Cubes, occasionally dumpster-dives, enjoys programming, is not afraid to show his love for electronic music, and makes huge beautiful sandcastles with his dad when he goes home.


    Pooja Beri



    Rachel Frenkel

    Hey you! Rachel is currently writing this from work, because she is a huge procrastinator. You too? She also loves chocolate. You too? She also attends Tufts University. YOU TOO? Wow, we have so much  in common!!! 
    Other than these things, Rachel loves kayaking, food-ing, hiking, and languages. She is from the DC area, and is constantly cold in Boston, but it’s okay because being at Tufts is H-O-T. 



    Rachel Siegler

    Rachel is a rising junior from Washington DC. When she is not working to complete her International Relations and History majors, she enjoys being outside, rowing with Tufts crew, reenacting famous historical scenes in authentic colonial garb, and watching The Food Network. Rachel also spends the majority of her time debating whether a dolphin or a unicorn would make a better best friend.

    P.S. There is a right answer.


    Ray Bjorkman



    Sam Boas

    One of life’s underrated joys is sitting down by a warm fireplace while eating a choice cheese plate. I am a Biology major who hails from Westport, CT, the land of many ports. I love Tufts Wilderness Orientation.


    Sam Boatner 

    Yo, I’m Sam (short for Samsquatch; my parents were the original hipsters), and I love rhinoceros, jambalaya, Twin Peaks, girls named Elena, and 90’s vernacular (see also: “rad” and “dope”). I’m from North Pole, Alaska by way of Boise, Idaho and I have the rare privilege of regularly explaining that growing up, I rode neither polar bears nor horses to get to school.
    One time I accidentally locked myself and a goat named Eugene in a feed trailer and sent us speeding downhill towards a sludge pond. Watching both the open plains and my hopes of survival speed away through a tiny cattle grate, I realized that being outside is always better than being inside. Once we hit the sludge pond, I realized that I’m also pretty alright with being grimy. Eugene will be joining Elena, me, and the rest of A1 on trail in the fall, so please bring a sense of adventure and also some alfalfa.


    Sam Helrich 

    Sam is a member of the class of 2015 studying Biology at Tufts. When he is not wandering in the first of his home state (New Hampshire) he can be found on the Crew team, studying in one of four specific locations around campus or on the roof of his house. He also likes to ride bicycles and play in the snow. His greatest fear is small insects in large quantities and his favorite piece of furniture is the hammock.


    Sam Wolpert

    Sam is a rising senior majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in French. He came to the urban paradise of Somerville/Medford from Holliston, MA where they just installed a third stop light. While he may seem attached to Massachusetts, he loves to explore the skiing of the north with the Tufts Ski Team. He also enjoys country music, Scattershot, cooking, and tutoring math.


    Seth Drew



    Sophia Carkonen

    Sophia is a junior from the wild western land of Sun Valley, Idaho, where she spent the first eighteen years of her life living in a potato and learning the complex art of potato farming, because that’s all there is to do in Idaho. She’s studying International Relations (concentrating in Global Health), Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies, and Kittens, and plans on becoming an astronaut. Sometimes she tries to play sports, but finds it difficult because they tend to require a certain level of coordination, which she is still learning. She’s also the tallest person in the world and holds the world record for the number of times anyone has ever been chased by a wolf as a child. Skills include pretending to speak Greek, putting stickers on Nalgenes, and vests.


    Sophia Siciliano

    brrtbrrt. brrtbrrt. brrtbrrt. click.


    Great Googly Moogly! You’ve reached Soph’s voicemail—a Clinical Psychology Major and Art History Minor from Princeton, NJ. If you need immediate assistance, please locate the closest tree and look for a red head in utkatasana surrounded by about 4 cats. If you cannot locate said red head, please leave Birkenstocks, sunshine, and the keys to a cabin positioned between nowhere and anywhere out on a blanket. She’ll probably be there in five.


    Steph Cleland

    Steph is a rising junior who hails from Corvallis, Oregon and is doubling majoring in Computer Science and Community Health. When she’s not coding away, Steph loves a good dose of African dancing and drumming, as well as being a part of Tufts Mountain Club and Tufts Idea Exchange. Her favorite things are as follows: coffee, oreos (fun fact: they’re vegan!), adventures, Nic Cage, pugs, and TWO!


    Tamar Bardin

    Tamar Bardin is a member of the class of 2015, who recently studied abroad in Rabat, Morocco studying Arabic. She is majoring in International Relations with a focus in the Middle East but comes from a less exotic region known as Chevy Chase, Maryland. This town was not named after the actor. In her spare time she enjoys reading, traveling, eating, and of course canoeing.


    Valerie Cleland

    Val is originally from the great state of Oregon and now lives in the urban wonder that is Seattle. She went to high school in a castle and studied abroad in the tropical paradise of the Turks and Caicos Islands pretending to be a fish. She’s an Environmental Science & International Relations major who loves being outside, scuba diving, avocados, postcards, and bear hugs. She thought hot dogs were vegetarian until 5th grade and now she’s a senior who thinks a lot of things and is exclusively involved in activities that have acronyms. You should probably get a cup of tea with her.


    Watson Gifford

    Watson is a rising junior whose claim to fame is his ability to tell jokes while planking for long periods of time. He grew up in the suburbs of D.C., and now studies biomedical engineering and minors in engineering management. On campus, he is a member of the rock climbing team, a brother of Theta Chi, a tour guide, and day laborer at the Loj. He spent the last six summers working in and backpacking through the Appalachian Mountains, where he almost didn’t make it back to campus on time, but he walked five hundred miles and he did walk five hundred more just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to commute to Tufts.


    Willy Kite



    Youssef Bargach 




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