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    Aaron Pomerance

    Aaron “Pom” Pomerance is a Psychology and Environmental Studies major at Tufts University. Born and raised in Weston, Connecticut, Pom comes from a super close-knit family. He has always been on the move—whether playing linebacker out on the football field or in the ambulance as a volunteer EMT. At Tufts, Pom writes and edits for the Tufts Daily newspaper, plans events for Tufts Chabad, and leads hiking trips with the Tufts Mountain Club. Pom also likes to work on his outdoor journalism website, rock climb with his friends, and work with kids. His enthusiasm for working with youth in the outdoors inspired him to lead backpacking trips for Camp Moosilauke in Orford, New Hampshire and for Apogee Adventures in Brunswick, Maine. Pom is goofy, patient and really loves to laugh.


    Alex Fontini

    I’m Alex Fontini, a senior from Long Island who’s currently splitting time between Tufts, South Florida (the grandparents capital of the USA), and NY. I’m a political science major, an avid music listener, and an obsessive NBA-watcher. Wilderness Orientation was one of the best experiences that I’ve had since I started at Tufts, and I’m so excited to lead a trip this year and share the program with new students. After the trip is over, you can find me on College Avenue, where I’ll be clinging helplessly to my last year at school.


    Andrew Wofford

    Hey there! My name’s Andrew, I hail from Malvern, Pennsylvania and I’m a rising junior studying History at Tufts. I spend most of my time playing the trumpet, editing and writing for our on-campus political journal, and pretending to be a 500-pound Brown Bear named Gary who lives in the Yukon Delta and tours the world as a professionally certified tap dancer! As you will soon see, the modern world is a cruel and unfriendly place for a Brown Bear–which is why I’m beyond pumped to spend 5 days with you (and your spirit animal) in a more comfortable environment: the beautiful New England wilderness!


    Anna Kaplan

    Anna is a rising senior from the lovely garden state of New Jersey. She is majoring in Biology at Tufts and loves to talk about all the fun plants you can encounter in the woods! Ask her about coffee, hammock naps, or any cheese-based food! Anna can’t wait to meet the class of 2019 and hang out in the wilderness.


    Artoun Festekjian

    Artoun is a senior majoring in Drama and Cognitive Brain Sciences, and in his spare time he enjoys acting in shows and being a part of the mime troupe, Hype! He also is a manager at the Rez, the cooliest coffee shop in town. Artoun is a father alongside TWO leader West Foster. The two have raised a brilliant son, gecko Count Dooku, who is on his way to becoming a dragon/velociraptor. Currently, he is looking for a thunder stone to evolve Dooku, but he is excited to keep looking with any freshmen willing to partake in the journey in the fall!


    Aviva Weinstein 

    Aviva Weinstein is a DC native who only tells her closest friends that she now lives in Maryland. She spends her time running, cooking, speaking Arabic, and organizing stuff. She has a hard time adjusting to Boston winters and sometimes puts hard boiled eggs in her coat pockets as hand warmers(with the shell on them because otherwise that would be gross). Aside from eggs, Aviva enjoys tea with a dash of milk, mango, and sour patch kids. All together. Just kidding. An International Relations major and Arabic minor, Aviva cannot wait be back in New England for five glamorous days of backpacking!


    Becca Heisler

    Becca is a rising senior (when did we get so old???) from Elmhurst, Illinois, and although she considers herself a loyal Bostonian after 3 years at Tufts, she continues to cling to the remnants of her Chicago accent. Becca decided on a double major in Mathematics and Environmental Studies after falling in love with matrices and organic vegetables. At Tufts, she spends her time dancing in the rain, photographing the fall foliage, singing in the shower, making soup, playing her oboe, biking around Boston, snuggling, and frolicking in the White Mountains with Tufts Mountain Club. Becca has spent the past 6 months in Israel in the desert city of Be’er Sheva. She has passed her time there learning about water and studying people, struggling to speak Hebrew, and consuming a lot of tomatoes and cappuccinos. Tufts Wilderness Orientation holds a very dear place in Becca’s heart, and she is thrilled to be back to join in the shenanigans and to welcome the class of 2019!


    Ben Teller 

    Ben Teller is a rising junior from Connecticut studying Political Science. When he’s not in the woods, he enjoys biking, climbing, skiing, baseball, playing instruments (and listening to other people play instruments), and doing & looking at art (but not both at the same time). He’s also passionate about hammocks, space, and recycling. Ben’s dream is to be either the leader of the free world or a stay-at-home dad.


    Brian Aronow

    Brian is a rising senior from Port Washington NY majoring in cognitive and Brian science and Jazz Performance at NEC. Yes, Brain and Brian do look way too similar. I agree. My professors consistently email me “Dear Brain” and I fight back by sticking “brian” into my papers where brain should be. Yea, they never notice. Anyway, when I’m not obssessing over this Brian/Brain identity crisis, I spend most of my time making, writing, and listening to music. I love going to concerts, being outside, reading, running, hiking, and eating all of my favorite lactose-free fake ice-cream deserts. Excited to meet you all in August!


    Carl Haber

    Hi! I’m Carl. I’m studying Psychology and Music at Tufts, with a focus on Education. Singing with the Bubs at Tufts occupies most of my time, and is by far the most fun, silly, ridiculous, rowdy, smelly, time consuming, and most meaningful thing that I do at school. I can also clean up pretty nice when I put on the tux for a Tufts Chamber Singers performance. I’m quite actively involved in Tufts Hillel, working as a student receptionist, welcoming people into the building, and a regular Friday night attendee. Outside of that sort of thing, I love acting as a sous-chef in a skilled cook’s kitchen. Although I may not be a wonderful cook myself, ask me to chop an onion and I’ll give you a mean dice. I can’t go a day without being outside in one form or another, whether it’s throwing around a Frisbee, walking my puppy around the block, or playing pickup games of mostly made up sports. I sometimes pretend that I don’t like yoga, but I’ll admit, I really do. I’m also fascinated by ridiculously in depth conversations about absurd things, such as the existence of the Illuminaughty.


    Catherine Armistead

    Cat (also responds to carmistead) hails from the balmy state of North Carolina. She’s majoring in Engineering Psychology and Studio Art at Tufts and has a love-hate relationship with the SMFA shuttle. She likes slightly undercooked brownies, slightly undercooked cookies, and CANNOT wait to meet cool new Tufts freshmen and spend some awesome time in the great outdoors! HUH – YEH – YUH


    Charlotte Clarke

    Charlotte is a lifelong Bay Stater but loves venturing out of her hometown, Carlisle, MA. Her escapades in New England often involve some combination of hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, kayaking, shenanigan-ing, and cooking with a camp stove. On campus at Tufts, she is in Tufts Mountain Club, plays rugby, hosts a radio show, and studies environmental engineering in between meals at various Boston Ave pizza joints. Her favorite indoor activities are babysitting her parents’ puppy, and winning board games and food-eating competitions. She is SO EXCITED for wilderness orientation this fall!


    Colby Sameshima

    Colby comes from a far-away-land called Honolulu, HI, and can’t believe she has truly come to call Tufts her second home. She tends to frolic outside and discuss environmental issues (studies Geology and Environmental Studies), likes to dance hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, TDC, AND OF COURSE ON THE D-FLOOR, and she cannot WAIT to embrace her wilderbabiez. Other addictions: freestyle-rapping to Kid cudi, dark chocolate, eating, rooftop stargazing and passing out in the nooks and crannies of Tisch Library.


    Dana Bradley

    Dana comes from Norwalk, CT (once nicknamed “oyster town”) and is a rising senior. She is fresh off a four month stint studying EU politics in Brussels, Belgium where she consumed so many waffles that she almost turned into Leslie Knope. At Tufts you can find Dana sportsing with the Women’s Club Soccer team and/or Alpine Ski team, as well as studying the art of food combining in either of the dining halls. If you ask her about her feelings towards TWO and meeting the class of 2019, she has only one answer – stoke levels are through the ROOF.


    David McConnell

    David comes from the southwest state of Colorado, born and raised in the town of Boulder. He spent a lot of his time in high school whitewater canoeing/kayaking, hiking, windsurfing, and singing, but mainly spent time eating chili, guac, and enchiladas. At Tufts he’s mostly listening to Lana, while trying to find time to major in Chemistry and minoring in Computer Science, work with kids in the LCS Special Friends program, sing bass in Tufts sQ!, “go outside” with the Tufts Mountain Club, and have people #getwet with the TMC Aqua program.


    Devyn Andrews

    Devyn Andrews is a rising senior from Sacramento, California. She is majoring in Community Health and English, two departments which she has tried to make overlap but really don’t overlap that much unless you count acrostic poems about the Affordable Care Act. She tutors children in math, is involved in Greek life, lifeguards, and is a member of the Tufts Women’s Rugby Team where she spends much of her time screaming at the top of her lungs. In her spare time she tries to use her inside voice and enjoys going into Boston, poetry, curating a list of potential memoir titles, running, and a good Wednesday night round of Mario Kart. She is just returning from a semester abroad in Madagascar, where she cultivated an extreme love of Malagasy culture and rice.


    Elena Bell

    Elena is a tall rising junior with curly hair who cannot stand wearing pants that pinch her stomach. From our nation’s capital, Elena loves telling people that “her brother’s friend went to prom with Malia Obama”. She likes to LOL, cook things like sausage or kale, speak romance languages, and dreams of one day getting a visa to visit Iran.


    Emma Zafran

    Hi! My name is Emma and i luv to dance. You can find me dancing to mostly pitbull or any song found in a zumba class! zumba is my passion and i have been known to spontaneously teach a class on a trail or two. I come from south florida which explains my sometimes unconventional winter outfits and love of all floral skirts. i live to eat- mostly pasta pesto- and spend much of my free time browsing menus online. Friends and connections are my number one and activities with them usually involve one of the interests above. I love to laugh and be silly and discuss Quentin Tarantino at length as well as the phenomenon of a woman that is Leslie Knope. I am so excited to meet all ma new kiddies/friends/adventurers on trail this summer!!!


    Erinn Geyer


    Erynne van Zee

    Hi, I’m Erynne, and I come from the distant land of Corvallis, Oregon! I love wandering through tall pine trees, collecting funky jars that hold just the right amount of trail mix, and plotting ways to make your urban water cleaner. As an environmental engineer, I dream of designing biogardens, green roofs, and tiny houses! At Tufts, if I’m not in Anderson, you’ll find me teaching engineering education to 5th graders with STOMP and building water distribution systems with Engineers Without Borders; running in sub-zero (degrees C) weather and cooking! If I were a crayon, I would be a purple-green half-and-half crayon. Purple for the way too many purple items I wear (glasses, fleece, shirts, vest, socks, underwear) and green for the way too many green foods I consume (avocados, kale, cucumbers, peas, tea). Prepare for gourmet trail cooking and pit stops along the trail to inspect cool rocks and bugs!


    Hadley Gibson

    Hadley is a rising senior from Freeport, Maine, majoring in English and minoring in communication and media studies. On Tufts campus she is a member of the Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk and the women’s ultimate frisbee team. On not-Tufts campus she passes as an average 20-something with a dream and Google maps on her phone to guide her through the not-wilderness. It has been said that her favorite food is pickles, although a more accurate statement may be that her favorite food is vinegar. However, we then enter the controversial realm of what is food and what is a flavoring, so let’s just go with the pickles.


    Hannah Recht

    Hannah is a rising senior, majoring in Anthropology and Environmental Studies with a minor in Latin American Studies. She likes playing in the mountains, dancing, drinking tea and leading freshmen through the wilderness!


    Hannah Ryde

    Hannah Ryde likes avocados, chaco tans, Peru, well-composed photographs, loons, and phone emojis, which she calls “shapes” because she is secretly a grandma. She is a rising Junior studying Anthropology and Environmental Studies but before that she was studying Community Health, and before that, Child Development, and before that, decision making, which is unfortunately not a major. She is from Concord, MA but likes to pretend that she is from Maine. If you were to know one thing about Hannah, you should know that her favorite farm animal is a cow.


    Iris Levine

    Iris “Eyeball” Levine is a southern girl from Nashville who went to local equivalent of Hogwarts where she played the not-quite-magical sports of soccer and track. Before coming to Tufts, she spent her days carrying cats around in her pockets, making up nicknames for everyone she met, and raising turtles for the zoo in her bathtub. Nowadays she can usually be found rock climbing, eating spicy ramen, practicing her Swahili, or working on her double majors of International Relations and Environmental Studies. If you don’t find her doing one of those things, she might be eating a mango or looking frantically for more layers to help her survive the Boston winter (or the apparently challenging temperatures of spring, summer, and fall). If you are interested in showering less often, fisheries management, or ginger drink, you should talk to Iris because she is too! Oh, and also, she loves to play outdoors as long as she has enough layers to maintain homeostasis and is really excited to lead a backpacking trip for TWO!!!


    Jason Linker

    Jason is a medium sized tree frog hailing from Ridgewood New Jersey. When not rocking handcrafted swants he can also be found by his signture smiley face bandana or somewhere in Anderson Hall doing mechanical engineering problem sets. Jason also enjoys tennis, rock climbing, skiing, cooking, and napping. He is so excited TWO meet everybody!


    Jeffrey Wu

    Jeff “Free” Wu is a rising junior from a little town outside a bigger town just outside of Oakland CA and is studying Electrical engineering with a minor in music engineering. Jeffrey enjoys, among other things, sleeping, soup, soccer, being outside, soup, and soccer. Jeffrey’s favorite color is green and if your favorite color is not green, it’s ok, but he’ll be a little sad. Welcome to TWO.


    Jenny Allison

    Jenny “Is Allison Really Your Last Name?” Allison is a rising junior at Tufts, studying Psychology, Entrepreneurship, and History. She gets her loudness from her grandpa, who’s a 6’2″ ex-military man from Georgia, and she gets her nerdy interests and love of life from her amazing parents. Though she loves to travel and is planning on spending her second semester this year backpacking Europe, she grew up only 40 minutes away from Tufts in Sharon, MA. In her spare time, she’s an avid fan of listening to music too loudly and eating chocolate. Tell her some corny puns or dinosaur jokes and you’ll automatically get on her good list!


    Jess Newfield

    Jess is a rising senior from the far off land of Needham, MA studying Biopsychology and Community Health and Tufts. Her hobbies include hoola-hooping, Scattershot, string bracelets, documentaries about whales, and trick-turning. She’s never tried soda, olives (green or black), mustard, red grapes or bacon but she does love other foods including avocados, sour patch kids, and kale. If she were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things they would be a grapefruit tree, a Rubix Cube, and Dave Matthews and his band. She cannot wait for the summer to end to begin her first trip with TWO!!


    Jesse Mahler

    Jesse DA CLIFF Mahler known for his dashing good looks and charm can be found sitting in the Rez drinking his Medford Fog tea with a splash of chai. Don’t be confused by his pooka shells and tan skin. He does not hail from some magical island but alas Lexington, MA. Jesse could tame even the wildest animals with his soft spoken manner and ability to reason with anyone. Don’t you dare get into an altercation with Jesse because I assure you he will out reason you.


    Josh Berl

    Josh Berl is a rising junior from Oakland, CA. He is studying computer science and has poor night vision. He likes hobbies and music. I’m colorblind.


    Josh Grelle

    If there is one thing that you should know about Josh is that he is so type A that he makes Zazu look like Shaggy. Josh likes to walk fast, work on his 10 year plan, and add to his wedding Pinterest board. He also recently recently discovered self depreciating humor about being type A. Don’t let his hyper-efficient lifestyle fool you though because this Man-Boy likes to play hard too. He has been known to drag race through the streets of China, party with the stars, and fight off monkeys with a stick. (All true stories). Josh is currently working his way to the top of the DC food chain. He can’t wait to meet his new Wilderfam!!!


    Justin Sullivan


    Kate Hirsch

    Kate Hirsch is a rising Junior at Tufts studying International Relations with a Middle East concentration and a minor in Chinese, because she thought that would make sense. Kate likes to think of herself as an incredibly determined person, and enjoys thinking outside of the box. For example, she once decided to give herself a nickname, and people actually started calling her that. Here are some other fun facts about Kate: she is lactose intolerant, but still eats cheese because cheese is dope. One of her earlobes is attached, and the other is unattached. She is also very excited for TWO!


    Katie Saviano 

    Katherine Maryanne Saviano the 3rd was raised milking cows and eating cheese in the quaint town of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. When not partaking in one of the aforementioned activities, she can be found honing her special talents. Said talents include naming the capital of every country, setting the world record for most tea/coffee dates in one week, using the word lovely and wonderful in every sentence, and simply being incapable of whispering. While she spent her high school days swinging on vines with monkeys in Costa Rica, she is now a Junior studying International Relations and Arabic. Katie (also commonly referred to as “pretty kitty”) cannot wait to frolic through the mountains with the wonderful participants of TWO!


    Kira Poncelet

    Hi I’m Kira! I’m from Oakland, CA and I’ll be a senior at Tufts studying Biopsychology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I have an on campus job and also volunteer at Tufts Medical Center in the Center for Children with Special Needs. I play women’s ultimate frisbee at tufts and love to dance! Other things I love are: drinking tea in the morning, dark chocolate, stopping to smell flowers, How I Met Your Mother (my current addiction), quoting Anchorman and Lord of the Rings, stingrays, watching videos of babies laughing, wearing slippers, scuba diving, ping pong, walking outside (especially in the woods), hot tubs, nature peeing, pondering the cosmos, and cheese. Can’t wait to meet you all!!


    Laura Hofmann 


    Luca Guadagno

    Luca is a semi-aquatic rising Junior hailing from the dirty Jerz (New Jersey). He is double majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies with a Geology minor and doesn’t really understand “My Butt” or “Drop Box”. When he’s not struggling with Drop Box he can be found in the Tufts pool where he swims for the Men’s Swim and Dive Team or in Dewick where he can be found eating during the rest of of his waking hours. He is also a huge fan of farm animals, ice cream, large trees, a good poop-joke, and of course the great outdoors! Though he has never run more than a 5K, he hopes to one day run the Boston Marathon. He is excited to hike around with the class of 2019 and is still looking for someone to explain “My Butt” to him.


    Luke Burkhalter

    Luke, a rising junior from Tennessee, is currently spending large portions of his summer days sorting and labeling mud in the geology department’s windowless basement.
    And he actually kind of likes it.
    After he finishes sorting all the mud he’s been collecting, he’s excited to spend the rest of the summer climbing and hiking before spending a rad 5 days in the woods getting to know you all.


    Mac Johnson

    Mac is a rising junior from Short Hills, NJ majoring in International Relations. Aside from being your favorite worker at Bon Me food trucks, Mac is involved in Tufts Mountain Club, Tufts Dance Collective, and Club Tennis. Whenever he has free time, Mac loves getting outside, listening to some Lana, and/or eating. If Mac were a 90s nickelodeon character, he would be a fusion of Sam “the squid” Dullard from Rocket Power and Dog from CatDog.


    Mallory Feldman

    Mallory is a rising senior studying Psychology and Peace and Justice Studies hoping to pursue a career in the neuroscience of social conflict. When not walking around Tufts campus barefoot, she can be found singing with the Tufts’ Amalgamates or working with the amazing team at TEDxTufts. She loves to snuggle, to laugh, to cook, and of course, to roam around this big wide world.


    Marc Bucchieri

    Marc Bucchieri is an erstwhile fan of building snow caves, adventuring, and the toys you get in cereal boxes. (do they still make those?) He is a native of Wakefield, Massachusetts and loves the White Mountains of NH as a second home. Recently he’s been rediscovering how much he loves learning new languages. When he’s not studying engineering or teaching it at elementary schools Marc enjoys climbing any and everything, Music, and slanging frisbees with the Tufts Ultimate program. He can’t wait to meet all of you and hear what you’re excited about!!


    Mary ‘Midge’ Cross

    Midge loves chili, Minnesota, and playing catch. She studies Environmental Science and Philosophy at Tufts, and participates in various endeavors in which she bangs on stuff to make music. Midge respects horses for their contribution to the development of humankind, but is decidedly NOT a horsegirl. She went to Ghana last semester to study traditional drumming and eat exorbitant amounts of avocados. If she was a character from Lord of the Rings, she would absolutely be a hobbit. 


    Matt Long

    Matt is a rising junior who hails from the glorious land of Ramsey, New Jersey and studies computer science at Tufts. On the rare occasion he finds himself outside Halligan Hall, Matt enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, drumming with Tufts BEATs (don’t let him near a bucket unless you want to hear some saucy rhythms), and eating ungodly amounts of the General Gao’s chicken served in Dewick. But, like, actually – legitimately ungodly amounts. If you want a new best friend on campus, bring him some General Gao’s chicken. Actually. It’s so good. You’ll find out when you get here. Well, unless you give it all to Matt. Which you should.


    Max Makovetsky

     Good evening, sesame-seed buns, it’s your captain and soul papa, Dr. Burger “Aioli” McDougal, welcoming you to TWO flight A13 departing from Boston in late August. This flight’s destination: unknown. Arrival Time: unknown. Is your captain wearing deodorant: he is not! On a serious note Max Makovetsky, also known as Mako by his friends, MakBookBro by his other friends and Dr. Burger by practically no one is a rising Junior majoring in English and Political Science. When he’s not hiking the buttery trails of New England, or running around the ten thousand lakes back home in Minnesota, Max likes writing (creatively), talking (loudly)and telling his parents he’s proud of them (often). This piece of ground beef is ready to take you on a wilderness journey unlike you’ve ever had before. So buckle up you toasted croissants, because you’re in for the ride of your life.


    Melanie Goldberg

    Mel is a Turkducken posing as 7 squirrels in a Zach Braff suit. She’s majoring in international relations and minoring in cheesy fries. Currently, Mel is working in a hostel in Istanbul, Turkey. She loves hiking the great outdoors, watching Netflix indoors, and quoting Arrested Development. Gürüşürüz!!


    Molly Schulman

    Molly is a rising senior majoring in American Studies and minoring in Colonialism Studies. Apart from being a TWO Trail Crew enthusiast, she loves to play guitar, dance like no one’s watching, organize with Tufts Labor Coalition, have long conversations, call people “shmoo,” and go on spontaneous adventures. She can’t wait for TWO so she can meet all of you! (she is also aware that that sentence rhymed and yes it was purposeful.)


    Owen Martin

    A rising junior at Tufts, Owen Martin is a bird-loving mountain boy who hails from Louisville, Colorado. He’s a computer science and math double major, smushed between the grinding world of tech industry and the relaxing elysium of outdoor exploration. After spending last year as a member of TWO’s support staff, he is stoked like a campfire to be a leader for the class of 2019! Owen spends the majority of his time eating, looking for new foods and places to eat, talking about food, or cooking. When he’s not eating, you can find him covered in dirt and smiles with a frisbee in his hand, or in the computer science building where he works as a teaching assistant.

    Let’s go hiking together :)


    Rachel Frenkel

    Hey you! Rachel is currently writing this from work, because she is a huge procrastinator. You too? She also loves chocolate. You too? She also attends Tufts University. YOU TOO? Wow, we have so much  in common!!! 
    Other than these things, Rachel loves kayaking, food-ing, hiking, and languages. She is from the DC area, and is constantly cold in Boston, but it’s okay because being at Tufts is H-O-T. 


    Rachel Kramer 

    This is the bio for Rachel Kramer. There are two legends surrounding this very special human. They pertain to how she came by the nickname NASA.

    1) Rachel is rumored to have rocket powers. Once and a while, her friends spot her flyin around beyond the Earth’s mesophere, chilling with her space peeps on Mars and stuff and eating gluten-free crackers, her favorite food.
    2) OR imagine the sound of like a thousand rockets taking off. Now imagine that sound coming from someone’s nose. Now imagine that nose being Rachel’s.
    Please let her know which legend you think is true by sending an email to
    Also Rachel is a kick-butt Engineering Science major and a super-duper good frisbee player on the Tufts EWO. Please ask her about those at the email provided.


    Rachel Siegler

    Rachel is a rising senior from Washington DC. When she is not working to complete her International Relations and History majors, she enjoys being outside, rowing with Tufts crew, reenacting famous historical scenes in authentic colonial garb, and watching The Food Network. Rachel also spends the majority of her time debating whether a dolphin or a unicorn would make a better best friend.

    P.S. There is a right answer.


    Sam Boas

    As I drift slowly off into the cosmos, I contemplate my life. The year is 2055, I’m a 60 year old accomplished astronaut, who content in the misery of his daily life. I am drifting past Neptune and I feel the cold penetrate to my modified sushi skeleton. Back in the golden age of space orienteering they modified my body into an edible lattice, that’s why I have been able to make it out here so long. The only thing left in my suit to keep me warm now is a smushed up snickers bar (left pinkie finger). I will need it soon because I’m starting to turn into a diva. Anyways, here I am, half mad (the best type) looking into the void. I think I see my mother, but it’s not. I let my third eye shutter open, and there surrounded by a cluster of asteroids, sits glenlissa, the lost astronaut suspended in sleep. They represent the best in an astronaut. After 40 years suspended in sleep, after coordinating Tufts We Outerspace (TWO) preorientaion, I have finally found the beautiful chimera. I don’t know how much time I have left.
    This will probably be my last transmission.
    Note to my sisters: NO you CANNOT have my artisanal ice cream maker

    I am Sam boas. I’m going to be a senior next year. I’m interested in life and everything it encompasses. For that reason, I study biology. I come from the land of many ports: Westport, CT!


    Sam Boatner 

    Yo, I’m Sam (short for Samsquatch; my parents were the original hipsters), and I love rhinoceros, jambalaya, Twin Peaks, girls named Elena, and 90’s vernacular (see also: “rad” and “dope”). I’m from North Pole, Alaska by way of Boise, Idaho and I have the rare privilege of regularly explaining that growing up, I rode neither polar bears nor horses to get to school.
    One time I accidentally locked myself and a goat named Eugene in a feed trailer and sent us speeding downhill towards a sludge pond. Watching both the open plains and my hopes of survival speed away through a tiny cattle grate, I realized that being outside is always better than being inside. Once we hit the sludge pond, I realized that I’m also pretty alright with being grimy. Eugene will be joining Elena, me, and the rest of A1 on trail in the fall, so please bring a sense of adventure and also some alfalfa.


    Sam Broner


    Sam Pearl-Schwartz

    Sam is a rising junior from Bethesda, Maryland, but Tufts has definitely become a second home. He is a history major with a concentration in East Asia and an Entrepreneurial Leadership minor. Sam daydreams about countries he wants to visit and mountains he wants to hike. In his free time, Sam enjoys running and playing every intramural sport, eating copious amounts of food, and telling people random obscure history facts that they didn’t really want to know.


    Sara Balch

    From Maine she resides
    in climbing and giggles and
    farts Sara abides

    Sara is a rising senior studying Biology. If she could have a dating profile it would include the above haiku and the following bullet points: (1) Calvin and Hobbes enthusiast, (2) “Balch” as in ball with the “ch” sound for cheerios, (3) cheerios, (4) kindergarten Spanish teacher, and (5) lover of Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese”.


    Seth Drew


    Slide Kelly


    Sophia Carkonen

    Sophia is a senior from the wild western land of Sun Valley, Idaho and just got back from a semester full of amazing adventures in Chile where she spent most of her time wandering around outside, chatting in spanish, and dirtying her previously white converse. She’s studying International Relations (Global Health), Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies, and Kittens, and plans on becoming an astronaut. Interests include playing with photoshop, spooning, putting stickers on Nalgenes, and vests. She’s also the tallest person in the world!


    Sophia Siciliano

    One day, Borris the Bandicoot went for a walk. He found his friend Prunella the Pademelon sitting in the shade of a strangler fig. They spent the afternoon discussing the merit of sprinkles on ice cream, how wonderful people named Marc are, and if e.e.cummings believed in life after love. They also wondered if a certain rising senior majoring in clinical psychology and minoring in art history who just came back from living in the Australian rainforest was actually going to introduce herself to the awesome freshmen she can’t wait to adventure with.

    Hey, I’m Soph(ia)


    Steph Cleland

    Steph is a rising senior who hails from Corvallis, Oregon and is doubling majoring in Computer Science and Community Health. When she’s not coding away, Steph leads labs for the Intro to Comp Sci course, is a part of the TEDxTufts team and Tufts Mountain Club, and loves crafting (read: Swants). Her favorite things are as follows: coffee, puns, adventures, pesto, MasterChef Australia, the great outdoors, goats, and TWO! 


     Tim Balton

    Howdy! I’m Tim, a rising junior from Washington, D.C. I’m majoring in music at Tufts and I spend most of my time playing foosball, eating honey mustard and onion pretzel bits, and closely following the Washington Nationals’ baseball season. Additionally, I sing a cappella in the Tufts Beelzebubs, run a lot (from half-marathons to sprinting around the academic quad trying to catch falling leaves during Autumn–one time I saw a leaf falling and I dove to catch it and as I did so one of my backpack straps ripped off but I missed the leaf so it really wasn’t worth it in the end and I was quite sad and I apologize for this run-on sentence), play frisbee and baseball, and solve puzzles of any sort. I can’t wait to lead a T.W.O. trip!!!


     Tim George

    Hi there! I’m Tim George, a rising senior at JumboLand and a native Westchester County, New York. I recently spent the past year abroad, eating yuka in the Dominican Republic in the fall, and playing futbol in Ecuador in the spring. I love playing the guitar, biking, making pizza, and trying to be funny in Spanish. TWO made ALL the difference with my transition to Tufts, and I’m looking to do the same with everyone in my group, and make some killer friends in the process. So put yo boots on and always be ready to laugh at yourself…I’ll see ya out there :)


    Tucker Sjoblad

    To whom it may concern: My name is Tucker Sjoblad. I am a rising junior who is studying Cognitive and Brain Sciences and Philosophy. I have been known to enjoy many hobbies. While not leading orientation trips you may find me playing BEATS, on the tennis court, or probably doing other things that are not the previously mentioned things.


    Tyler McCullough

    Watsup! I’m Tyler. I’m a rising junior born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, double majoring in Environmental Science and International Relations. I care about the environment and think it’d be cool to preserve it so our kids can enjoy it as much as we’ve been able to. Hobbies include surfing, instagrams of surfing, snorkeling, hiking, soccer, basketball, rowing and fruit eating. Favorite fruit: mango, papaya, pineapple, guava, starfruit. So excited for TWOOO!!


    Watson Gifford

    Watson is a rising senior majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in engineering management. When he’s not busy getting lost in the woods he enjoys rock climbing his way back onto the trail from the river he just fell into. Jokes! He always tells people his two best decisions in life were coming to Tufts and joining Wilderness, so come have an adventure with us!


    West Foster

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